Zines, books, and blogs

I started classes at the International Academy of Design and Technology online; I’m going after my Associate’s degree in Web design. I already have a B.A. in English, but I’m sure one can understand why I’m changing directions – there’s not a whole lot for an English major to do outside of teaching. I don’t have that passion or drive to be a successful author (although the urge to write strikes me from time to time), but I do have the passion to work online and create designs.

School takes up most of my reading time, which is why I haven’t updated this blog in ages. I’ve been dabbing in this book Regeneration by Pat Barker, and it’s quite good – but I’ve been reading it for a few months now. This is my first week off from school in ten weeks, so I hope to finish it.. I bought it back when I was in college and my favorite teacher recommended it (I hung on to every word he said – he was truly brilliant), and I’m enjoying it. There’s a lot of dialogue, but it’s an interesting subject – mental illness among soldiers. It’s based on a true story, of a soldier (and poet!) placed in an institution for  writing a doctrine that opposes the war. It switches P.O.V. from the doctors to the patients, so the reader understands both sides of the spectrum. Definitely check it out.

Besides textbooks and Regeneration, I’ve been reading a lot of zines. I’m adding a whole slew of new ones to my distro, so visit soon to see what they are 🙂 http://www.thingsyousaydistro.com/

I’ll write again soon!



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