Revamp and Resolutions

I usually don’t make New Year resolutions, but this year I am. I want to write more in my blogs, and write more in general; even if it’s not a huge important post, updating is good. Also, I am making this blog more of a catch-all personal journal rather than just a book blog. I’m hoping that this switch in theme will pave the way for more posts from me. I’m still keeping the title though, because I will forever be a bibliophile.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Reading: Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark. I’m not into the whole vampire romance craze (I like my vampires creepy and murderous, thank you), but I’ve heard good things about this series. I read that the narrator considers her super-powers to be a disability, so I wanted to see for myself what that was all about. The writing is poor, but I was expecting it to be. The characterizations are all over the place and I’m having trouble figuring out what Harris wants to portray with Bill. But the story is holding my interest, and sometimes I need to read light fare.

Watching: The X-Files, season nine. I’ve been watching all the episodes again, and finally I’m at the dreaded season nine. UGH. The absence of Mulder really hurts the show – he brought a sense of humor and amazing chemistry that is sorely missed. I’ve never watched all of the episodes of this season, but I’m trying now. And it’s tough.

Family: My dad goes in for a quadruple bypass on Monday (Merry Christmas, geez), but he’s in good health otherwise and his surgeon said he should do fine. He’ll hopefully be home on Christmas morning. On the flip side, my sister-in-law is due to give birth any day now, so I’ll be an aunt very shortly. Everything happens at once!


2 responses to “Revamp and Resolutions

  1. Hey, what was your ultimate conclusion on the Sookie Stackhouse books? I had decided I was going to love them before I ever read one (cuz she lives in the same working class rural community where she grew up, like me (?) – it made sense at the time) and I have read them all. Don’t like what I’ve seen of True Blood, though.

    • I never finished the book. Which is like, the fifth book in my entire life that I have never finished. I couldn’t take her writing style AT ALL.

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