Welcome to the world, Izzy!

I would like to officially introduce my niece, Izzy! She has the best birthdate – 1/1/11. born at 7:11pm.

I am now an aunt. It’s amazing – she’s so adorable and squishy and smells delicious. I love her little nose and lips.

My niece, me, and my brother

Right now, they’re staying at her mom’s house for a couple weeks (where I can’t see her because I can’t get in their house *sadface*), but soon they will move in upstairs. And then it will be Izzy all the time! Izzyfest 2011. Izzystock. Izzypalooza. It’s a good thing I can’t change diapers or do any of the dirty work; I can just enjoy the fun stuff. That’s what an aunt is for, anyway.

I have not discussed this with her parents, but I plan to teach her the principles of feminism, play her all of Mariah Carey Cannon’s canon (so she can attend and appreciate future concerts with her aunt), and make sure she reads all the important literature of today and yesteryear.  Additionally, we will have critical discussions about which musicals overstate their pathos (ehem, Les Miserables) and which musicals get it just right (In the Heights), as well as other interesting topics of musical theater theory. Realistically, some of these things will have to wait until she is much older.

Expect more Izzy posts soon.


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