I’d Rather Watch Hockey

Me in a Devil's jerseyI’m not really going to talk about the Super Bowl (except to say that Christina Aguilera butchered the National Anthem vocally and lyrically, and the Black Eyed Peas were THE WORST) because I hate football. I really didn’t care who won. I did catch some of Puppy Bowl before my parents switched channels, and that was adorable as ever. I love the hamsters in the blimp.

However, I am going to talk about HOCKEY.  Even though I am a huge fan now, I used to hate it. Well, I can’t say I hated it, but I was definitely sick of it. My brother was on his high school’s varsity hockey team, so I ended up going to every practice after school, and usually every game. The last thing I wanted to do after a long day at school was to go to some damn hockey practice that lasted forever. And I had no choice, because I couldn’t stay home on my own, we had no nurse, and my dad was at work. After his practice, my brother (and sometimes his friends) would pile in our van and stink it up with their smelly B.O. On top of all this, my father also played (and still plays) hockey, so I went to a few of those games as well. He was into roller hockey at the time (he’s moved on to ice, thank Mariah), and the rink where he skated smelled like feet. So…I pretty much had a severe love/hate relationship with the sport. Leaning more towards the hate side.

But when my brother graduated high school and everything settled down, I really got into hockey. I would say I am obsessed, definitely. Being a New Jersey born-and-raised lady, the Devils are my favorite team. Elias and Brodeur are my favorite players on the Devils, and Oduya is my favorite non-Devil player (he used to be a Devil). I want to like Kovalchuk (a Devil who we spent way too much for), but I am still bitter we had to lose Oduya for him. And honestly, Kovy has lost the puck or messed up more than he’s scored goals.

The Devils aren’t the only team I enjoy – I also like the Islanders, Buffalo, Philly, the Penguins, and Atlanta (Oduya’s current team). Of course, I hate hate hate the Rangers – I guess that’s the only team I can say I hate.

Do you watch hockey? Who is your favorite team?


6 responses to “I’d Rather Watch Hockey

  1. I’ve never been into hockey, but I am dating someone now that grew up in Michigan and is a huge Red Wings fan. We went to a Devils-Red Wings game in NJ in Dec and it was so fun. I tried to root for the Devils since I grew up in NJ but they played pretty bad in the beginning and a lot of NJ fans were booing them! Do you ever go to games? I would like to go to another devils or flyers game before the season is up!

    • Yea, we go to games a few times each season – although I haven’t been to any this season! I want to go 😦

      • If you are planning on going to a game you should let me know. Maybe Rebecca would want to go too and we could all meet up!

      • I would totally go to a hockey game with you guys! I didn’t realize you went to one, Sarah. I think Rachel went to a Flyers game recently…

  2. Blog reader who stopped here by way of Ciara’s blog.

    I live in southwest Washington, and most people around here have never seen a hockey game. I blame it on very little snow.

    However, I like watching hockey. I went to college in Idaho and a couple of my friends came from a town 1.5 hours away that had a minor league team (high school age guys). It was really fun and really cheap for college kids.

    Wish I lived closer to a minor league team now!

    Oh, and on the Super Bowl review – I’m with you on X-tina and the Peas. The Peas’ audio mix sounded TERRIBLE at the beginning. I was thinking to myself, so this is what they sound like without all the computer stuff? They suck! – but then it got a little better.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      There needs to be a Washington state hockey team. It just doesn’t seem right that certain states have multiple franchises while other states have none!

      The Peas did sound awful – but then again, I always think they sound awful live 🙂

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