High School Hauntings

There was this ridiculous drama thing on Facebook (which is actually a pet peeve of mine – drama on Facebook) involving me and some “friends” from high school. We’re planning our 10-year reunion, which is awesome. Except some people want to invite a number of past students who didn’t graduate with the class of 2001. Some of them didn’t even go to our high school. I think that is really silly, so I stated that I believed only the class of 2001 should attend the reunion of the class of 2001. Doesn’t this scream common sense? But apparently, this simple statement has offended many. I have been accused of being rude and disgusting, and was told I should be ashamed of myself. “But we grew up together! I *feel* like I am in the class of 2001!” – okay, except you weren’t. And yeah, we all grew up with a lot of people…doesn’t mean we should invite them all. People are still complaining about what I said on the Facebook reunion group. It’s mildly amusing, but more annoying.

All of this crap got me thinking about the days of waking up at the crack of dawn, and riding the short bus the few blocks to KHS. My time in high school was fairly positive, save a few minor annoyances (like when I got in trouble for writing an article for the newspaper about how our science labs had no running water – HOW IS THAT SAFE?) and the typical teenage heartbreaks from love unrequited. But I know that there was a lot of drama within our high school, as there is in most high schools. I wasn’t really a part of that, mostly because I was too busy being a loner and eating my lunch in the nurse’s office with one of my friends.  Well, don’t get me wrong – I was gossiper, but I was never directly involved in what the gossip was about. Probably because my life was fairly boring – at least, compared to most other hormonal teenagers. I never had a boyfriend around that age, my friends were all pretty straight-laced-nerdy-nose-in-a-book type people, and I was extremely introverted outside my small circle of said friends. But this whole thing on Facebook now just shows me how some people are still trapped in that high school mode. Keyport is a small town, and I know a lot of folks have stayed friends/in touch, so I guess that has a lot to do with it. But when I graduated high school, most of the people in my circle of friends moved away. The ones that didn’t sort of faded away, busy doing their own thing. I am so very far removed from everyone and anything having to do with my days in Keyport High School, and I think that is for the better. Not that I don’t get nostalgic for the days of art class, goofing off with my friends, and talking about the latest episode of Invader Zim. I do miss that close-knit friendship that I had in high school. I have a group of close friends now, a community I am a part of, but they all live so far away.

I wish all my zine friends could live in Keyport.




4 responses to “High School Hauntings

  1. I graduated in 2001, too. I guess I can argue both sides of the issue, but if it was up to me I guess I’d let people come who identified as part of the class in some way, say, moved in high school or dropped out. Mostly because there were only 29 of us.

    • I had more of a problem with the way people reacted to my simple opinion. It was just instant anger/shaming after I said that. And it wasn’t like it was even up to me or anything. *shrug*

      Now they are talking about getting the list of 2001 graduates from the school, so I don’t quite get what’s going on. It seems like a few people just want to invite their friends, and other people want to invite themselves. It’s just very, very weird to me, and has a potential to be very confusing/expensive. Because if everyone brings a +1, that’s a heck of a lot of extra people, especially since they were talking about having it in Atlantic City or a dinner cruise. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be going anyway, so I’ve been staying out of the conversations 🙂 I’m afraid to say anything else, haha.

      • And someone on the Facebook group mentioned that it would be cheaper if more people came (bwah?) and it doesn’t matter because we’re buying our own tickets. Yea, but I wouldn’t want to pay $200 per ticket or whatever. Sillyness!

  2. If I’m going to spend a lot of money, it’s going to be to spend time with people I actually want to hang out with.

    Oops, I went off on my own tangent and glossed over your actual point. Um, yeah. Ridiculous. Stupid drama. Stupid Facebook. Sounds like people want to invite their friends, and ignore the teensy little issue about it actually being a class reunion.

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